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Get ready for a whole jungle of domino-knocking excitement!

70 colorful dominoes, 25 zoo animals, and 5 green trees are waiting for your creative mind to set them up into the ultimate, potential-energy-packed configuration.

Meanwhile, fun obstacles, unique contraptions, 2 staircases, and a variety of colorful blocks add the perfect boost of intrigue.

There's a bell that rings, a log that swings, a mini ball track, and more - By the time the last block is set in place, you'll be jittering from head to toe with anticipation!

Tedious creativity sparks an uproar of wonder when kids start exploring and building with the wooden Zoo-Ominoes set.

  • Set of zoo-themed blocks and obstacles for building the ultimate domino chain
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, concentration, patience, planning
  • A fascinating adventure in chain reactions
  • Features animal and tree shaped domino blocks
  • Fascinating contraptions including a ringing bell, swinging log, spinning wheel, and more
  • Includes 70 colorful dominoes, 25 zoo animals, 5 trees, 2 cubes, 2 rectangle blocks, ball ramp, bell, log swing, 2 staircases, 2 long platforms, short platform, vertical wheel, horizontal wheel
  • All pieces made of high quality, solid wood, colored with nontoxic paint
  • Domino blocks each measure 2.25 x 1.5 x 0.25 inches
  • Lifetime guarantee

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 9/17/2018
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 3 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #55
    Pieces 110

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    Total Customer Reviews: 40

    Overall Rating: (4.93)

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 06/27/2021 by
    Barbara Herleman

    I bought this for my grandson's 6th birthday. Even though he was a little over the recommended age group, I thought he would enjoy the challenge of setting up the Zoo-Ominoes in varying configurations and he sure does! He finds it so much fun to see if his latest configuration will "work". Sometimes he has to make slight moves in the placements, but it really challenges his mind. And oh how excited he is when it they all flow perfectly!! One comment I would make that was not quite satisfactory is the little bell that is attached to one of the pieces has repeatedly come off.

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 06/17/2021 by
    Sandy Nad

    Very good quality and my toddler loved playing with it. Even adults in the house liked it and we all played together. Highly recommend

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 06/14/2021 by
    Deborah Sturdevant

    My Grand-daughter had a ball playing with her Grandfather with this product! I highly recommend it & all the other birthday gifts that we purchased for her from Fat Brain!

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 05/28/2021 by
    Kate Lezak

    My 2 year old LOVES this toy and it's fun for the entire family too!!

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 04/30/2021 by
    Angelyn Jennings

    I purchased it for my 3 year old grandson - he enjoys it but his 5 year old brother LOVES it!

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 04/16/2021 by

    This was a birthday gift for my 3 year old, but I knew it would be a big hit with my older kids (8 and 11), who like to build Rube Goldberg machines. The domino pieces are nice and sturdy, which makes it possible for my 3 year old to set them up by herself. All three kids have enjoyed playing it together. Highly recommend!

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 03/09/2021 by
    Lori Brandon

    My granddaughter loved all the animals and she loved ringing the bell


    Posted 03/01/2021 by

    These are so cute and spark so much creativity!

    Great fun

    Posted 02/18/2021 by
    Laurie Vincent

    Excellent product. Our 3 year old granddaughter didn't understand, at first, why I would want to line up and then knock down; but when we showed her how much fun it was to build different shapes and then watch them fall, she loves playing with it. It is well made and love the colors.

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 02/09/2021 by

    This product is high quality and well-built. They are colored thin, solid blocks/dominoes. There are also additional pieces to help make it more entertaining. My 4-year-old son really loves playing with these and setting them up. He hasn't yet figured out how to do a whole system, but he will use these to play with his other toys as well. I even want to play with these since they are so lovely and fun to look at. You will need a hard flat surface to use these on as our carpet isn't stable enough. They are all organized in little plastic bags inside the box, but we store them in a Everyday Container Store box (Medium). Overall, this is a really cute and fun toy that brings a lot of entertainment.

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 01/27/2021 by
    Staci Kilgore

    Great for multiple types play and games for learning opportunities!

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 01/14/2021 by
    debbi casa

    For my grand-nephew. Loves it, won't stop paying daily. Def would recommend toy. We play as a family

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 01/05/2021 by
    Anna Salvador

    I purchased zoo-ominoes for our two grandchildren, and after we received it and played I purchased this for my own son. I see a lot of grate steals in this developmental toy that help to the child be creative , concentrate on the game and lots of more.

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 01/05/2021 by
    Cheryl McCamont

    Great quality, plus a lot of neat pieces. All 3 of my boys (ages 7, 5 an 2) like this toy!

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 12/25/2020 by
    Gail Reinhart

    Child loves these zoo dominos. He sets them up and loves knocking them down.

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 11/13/2020 by
    Denise Giovannetti

    Quality is excellent, bright and cheerful colors. Just bought another one because although there's over a hundred pieces, we have 4 grandsons so we just need more pieces. It was just added to one of the boys Christmas list, so I guess we'll be getting another one. Big hit!

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 11/10/2020 by
    Katherine Acosta

    We love these. Very fun! Can't go wrong with a lifetime guarantee:)

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 11/05/2020 by
    Brianne Zorn

    I bought this for my niece for her second birthday. I order it online with the fun bag wrapping and have it delivered straight to her. A few days after her birthday, my brother sends me a text and says she is obsessed with it! He sends a video of her pushing the first domino and watching them all fall. She looks up at the camera and the joy on her face is wonderful. Kids love toys where they can continually explore the laws of physics...what better than colorful animal dominoes?

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 10/22/2020 by
    David Hutchinson

    If it was just the animal dominoes I think my niece would have been perfectly happy, but once the animals were set up and knocked down she was ecstatic!

    My Review of Zoo-Ominoes

    Posted 07/13/2020 by
    Susan Bridget Bugno

    This was a birthday gift for a 3 year old. At first she just wanted to make towers with the pieces and would use her imagination to play with the animals around the towers. After being shown how to line the pieces up so that they would fall sequentially she showed some interest but went back to playing as before. I believe she eventually use them as intended.

    Age Appropriateness for Zoo-Ominoes

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 3 years of age.