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Sky Nook

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Sky Nook

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Escape into the sky...

Designed with a delightfully comfortable pillow seat and fabric sides that nearly wrap all the way around, this unique swing provides kids with the perfect, coziest hideout for reading, napping, or just hanging around.

Hang it up in a comfy corner of the playroom for a soothing mid-day sanctuary. Attach it to a tree branch outside where kids can relax and listen to the chirping of the birds and the wind in the leaves.

Featuring reinforced stitching and a special design that makes it difficult for kids to fall out, it's not only fun and snug – It's also wonderfully safe.

Swing into a playtime dream with the Sky Nook.

Sky Nook
  • Cozy pillow swing for napping, reading, or just hanging around
  • Encourages calmness, comfort, relaxation
  • Swing into a beautiful playtime dream
  • Comfortable pillow seat and curtains provide a cozy getaway for kids
  • Features reinforced stitching, a special design that makes it difficult for kids to fall out
  • Great for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy to install
  • Includes one Sky Nook
  • Hanging hardware or rope not included
  • Unzip zipper to remove pillow cushion – Easy to wash and dry
  • Measures 24 inches in diameter
  • Approximately 52 inches from bottom of seat to top of fabric
  • Exceptionally strong, high-quality design and materials for lasting durability

    Note: Rope required for hanging indoors. Rope NOT included.

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 9/21/2017
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 3 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #48
    Diameter 24 inches
    Weight Limit 220 pounds

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    Total Customer Reviews: 93

    Overall Rating: (4.62)

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 08/13/2021 by

    This individual hammock was a hit for my twins, we ended up getting two! It is versatile as a swing and a unique hang out place. Highly recommend.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 08/11/2021 by
    Linda Cinelli

    Well made great colors my granddaughter loves it

    Amazing nook for the kids

    Posted 06/10/2021 by
    sarah abbatine

    Love so much, going to order more for friends and family.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 05/29/2021 by
    Rosemary Bray

    We use it outdoors and hang from one of our trees and the kids have fun with it as a swing however it isn't the same swinging experience for them so they lose interest. We purchased the device to hand it from and I would have appreciated getting some type of hook offered that I could install and hang from the ceiling in their bedroom. I think they might use it more as a "hang out" to read. Would be nice if there was type of reading light attachment

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 05/20/2021 by
    Susan Warren

    I gave the Sky Nook to my 3 year old Grandson. He loves the nook and plays with it a lot. I am a retired Occupational Therapist and I like this Nook for the sensory and motor opportunities it allows. It seems very well made and safe. Currently, my Grandon loves to spin and rock in the Nook. Maybe at some point he will nap in it!

    Our 4 year old great granddaughter loves it. She plans to run to hide there whenever she and one or both of her siblings play hide and seek with her. (ok, she hasn't yet realized that it's not much of a hiding place) It's a big hit!

    Posted 05/18/2021 by
    Adley Shulman

    I would have preferred having the hanging strap included in the product package, even if it meant a higher initial cost. Selling the two separately seems unusual.

    Highly Recommend

    Posted 05/02/2021 by

    We bought this swing for our son with ASD to help with his sensory needs. Both kids (now 2.5 and almost 6) LOVE it and use it daily! My older son retreats to his swing with a book or device when he wants some alone time or an escape from his brother. We screwed a hook into the ceiling to support it. His bedroom is small so we've had to remove the door, closet doors and book shelf to make room.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 04/30/2021 by
    Donna Mazzola

    Love the colors. My only regret is that it's necessary to buy the extention to hook it up since there is nothing at the top but a hook.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 04/21/2021 by

    I have a small 9-year-old girl who loves this Nook. She takes her books outside to read and this is the perfect little fort for her. It's easy to hang with the strap (bought separately) and seems very sturdy and well-built.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 03/23/2021 by

    Gave it as a gift and her mom said she LOVES it. They put it up right away (mom said it was easy to put up) & she has already used it a bunch. I will definitely give as a gift again.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 03/22/2021 by
    Lauriston Thrush

    We ordered this as a place for our toddlers to have a quiet space outside on our "front porch" ~ we hung it from a japanese maple and it's perfect if children don't try to really swing in it, but use it as a resting place ~ chiefly because we don't have a clear 6-1/2 feet of swing space. Our preschoolers are very attracted to it, and we can only let them use it if we are able to closely supervise them. Otherwise, it is very well made and hangs securely from a branch of the tree.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 03/08/2021 by
    Richard J Hollern

    My son loves it - great place for him to relax outside. We received this extremely quickly, which was helpful in getting a last minute birthday present.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 02/20/2021 by
    Carra Morris

    Now that it's warmer our 9 year old takes a book and snuggles in for reading and swinging. Great outdoor hideaway!

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 02/12/2021 by

    My 2.5 year old grandson loves sitting/lying in the nook with his two favorite "friends", Curious George and a stuffed cat we named Koko. He reads his books in the nook. I swing him to relax and have quiet time daydreaming. He can't get in and out on his own yet which is fine because we're always with him. We had to put a firmer cushion in the nook to give him more stability as he sinks way down without it. But once we figured out how to give him more of a base to sit on, it was great! He enjoys it!

    Posted 02/01/2021 by
    Jane Gustafson

    I bought this for my grandsons birthday. He loves it!

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 01/23/2021 by
    Cindy Latino

    Perfect birthday gift for my 4 year old grandson. A great place to enjoy the soothing motion of a swing indoors.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 01/20/2021 by
    LeAnn Marchman

    I work with students with autism; we have a very similar swing in the classroom. When I saw this swing on Fat Brain, I knew this was the gift for my granddaughter...she loves it!

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 01/17/2021 by
    Katy Wilson

    Our kids got quite a few gifts this year but most don't compare to the Sky nook which we use as a quiet reading place or the place to go when you need some alone time. The products is made of the finest materials, including the hardware that attaches to the top! The kids love the swinging element and it's great for a single reader hang out.

    My Review of Sky Nook

    Posted 01/10/2021 by

    We love our sky nooks. They've been such a fun addition to our home and I love that the adults can use them, too.

    Very meh

    Posted 12/21/2020 by

    So a) being sold with no hanging hardware or any meaningful instructions is lame. I shouldn't have to do a bunch of work and buy more things so that I can use something else I bought. And b) now that I've spent the extra money and time to learn about the proper way to hang this and support weight properly, it's up, and... meh. My girls, 3 and 6, struggle to get in or out of it on their own. The pictures show kids cuddled up cozily reading a book in the nook, but it just doesn't match reality. Once the girls are inside, it's awkward. They haven't complained that it's uncomfortable, but they also haven't spent more than a minute or so inside the thing before asking to be helped out of the thing. (Once again, they can barely do it themselves.) I literally cannot imagine getting comfortable enough in this thing to hang with a book, or even to just chill for a while. Neat idea, pretty mediocre execution.

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    Age Appropriateness for Sky Nook

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 3 years of age.