We’re Looking for the Next Great Toy Idea!

Kids ages 6-13 will get to submit toy inventions for the chance to have theirs manufactured and sold around the world!

Your challenge: Create the next great Fat Brain Toy!

Are your child's maker skills up to the task? Encourage them to think hard, get creative, and get INNOVATIVE. Then, starting May 11th, they can come back here and click the button to begin the submission process. Our toy experts will pick the top entries and a public vote will determine the Top 5. After that, our judges will deliberate, they'll choose a winner, and the winner will be announced on October 5th, 2021! Here's what they'll win...

  • $2,500

  • $500

    In Toys
  • Trip for Two

    to New York Toy Fair
  • License Agreement

    to be sold through Fat Brain Toy Co.
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What makes Fat Brain Toys special?

Really, we’re just a bunch of kids at heart who love play. Not the boring, press-a-button-and-watch-it-go kind of play. Real play. While most toy companies are busy chasing the latest trends and churning out the same, tired licensed character toys, we’re exploring fresh, new forms of play, innovative materials, and contemporary designs that are exciting to both kids and adults. From coast to coast and around the world, you can be sure – Wherever you find our toys, you’ll find kids learning, exploring, and creating through pure and simple play.

What makes a Fat Brain Toy?

Authentic play is the imagination, inspired and empowered. It’s the freedom to explore and experiment. It’s the result of playful curiosity. Made entirely from innovation, quality design, and a passion for open-endedness, the ideal Fat Brain Toy is purely and simply a catalyst for authentic play.

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Tips & Tricks for Your Idea

There’s more to inventing a toy than your child might think. It’s not just a matter of sketching out a cool picture or writing down all the great things it’s going to be able to do. A great toy requires a lot of thought, a lot of experimentation, a lot of trial-and-error, and, of course, a lot of failing. Even for the best inventors, the first idea usually isn’t THE idea. So, to help guide your child’s astoundingly creative brain toward a winning design, we’ve come up with a short list of a few things they ought to consider as they attempt to flesh out their big idea.


Is it fun? Not just entertaining or amusing like a novelty hand-clapper or a helicopter hat. Is it REALLY fun?


What are its benefits? Does it strengthen the brain? Does it encourage creativity or inspire the imagination? Will it teach you something or help you discover something new about yourself? Why are parents going to want their kids to play with this toy?


Is it unique? Does it seem like something that’s been done before, or is it going to pave the way toward a new and better way to play?


Who is the ideal kid for this toy? What’s the demographic?


Have they tested it? Is it easy to understand? Have they given it to their kid brother to see how he likes it? Is their big idea successfully translating into the perfect playtime experience?


Is it safe? Are parents going to feel comfortable letting their kids play with this toy?

And don’t forget… Winning is good. Of course everybody wants to win. But in the world of inventing, that’s not what’s important. What’s important is the attempt; the struggle; the pile of crumpled up sheets of notebook paper in the trash bin; and, of course, all the things your child will have learned along the way. So don’t let them become discouraged if at first they don’t succeed – An invention adventure awaits!

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