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Hiding Hedgehogs

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Hiding Hedgehogs

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Product Description

Parents' Choice Foundation Review: For a full review of Hiding Hedgehogs from the Parents' Choice Awards Foundation, click HERE.

Stack, connect, and let your imagination roll!

Burrowed within the spines of each hedgehog is another hedgehog, smaller and cuter than the last.

Unstack them one by one to discover smiling faces, zig-zagging textures, colorful rolling wheels - Each one is a delightful new friend.

But then - connect them tail to nose, big to small, papa to baby... Little ones can't wait to pull the whole family along on a vibrant pretend-play adventure!

Early tactile learning is on a roll with the fun and friendly Hiding Hedgehogs.

Hiding Hedgehogs
  • Colorful, hedgehog-shaped rollers that can be stacked or connected into a train
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, sensory learning, tactile learning
  • A wonderfully imaginative stack-and-roll experience
  • Hedgehogs stack up from big to small
  • Unstack them and connect them tail to nose - Pull them along like a train
  • Includes 4 colorful hedgehogs sized big to small
  • Largest hedgehog measures 8.25 x 4.75 x 4.75 inches
  • Smallest hedgehog measures 4.5 x 3 x 2.25 inches
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 5/14/2019
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 18 months
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #40
    Dimension 8.25 x 4.74 x 6.75 inches when stacked

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    Total Customer Reviews: 41

    Overall Rating: (4.59)

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 08/05/2021 by

    The product is designed well, with bright colors and happy faces that prove to be engaging for children. It is a fun toy with unlimited imagination possibilities!

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 07/07/2021 by
    Deborah Lane

    Our one year old seems to love the sound of the hard plastic on tile floors. I like the fact that there is definitely a tonal difference to the pieces. I am a little disappointed that the hook-ups come apart so easily.

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 07/04/2021 by
    Megan Rodda

    Purchased as a gift for a two year old. Her mother reports she loves it.

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehog. Liked them

    Posted 07/03/2021 by
    Marcia Labagh

    Liked concept and colors

    Review if Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 03/31/2021 by
    Betty Epler

    Early Easter gift for my great nephew! He loves stacking things. Cute product and highly recommend!

    This was ordered ahead for an April birthday but the Mom thought it was great. She also was very happy that I also ordered the Lady Bug game. Ordered in MI and delivered in SD My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 03/22/2021 by
    Shirley Zeitter

    Since not given yet can only say love your company and sending a catalog with shipments really builds interest. My granddaughter then lists would likes for me!

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 02/22/2021 by

    This product is great, we sent it to our favorite kiddo turning 1. He IMMEDIATELY started stacking the hedgehogs and had the biggest smile. The material appeared to be very durable (from what the mom shared via FaceTime). The addition of wheels was a GAME CHANGER for the little one, he started rolling it around his play area within minutes!

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 02/12/2021 by
    Cynthia Cox

    Our Grandson, Sebastian (Bash), loves the Hiding Hedgehogs. He is only 10 months old and hasn't mastered all they can do, but he carries them everywhere - even to bed. We will turn to Fat Brain Toys first to buy him activities to stimulate and encourage his learning capabilities. Thank you.

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 02/01/2021 by
    Karen Johns

    Our one year old grandson was interested in it right away! Likes pulling out the hedge hogs and trying to put it back in which is a bit beyond him now. Also fun to put things in the hedge hogs. I think to toy will grow with his abilities

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 01/11/2021 by

    great colors, good density of material. My son got it at age 1. He loves to stack the hedgehogs or put other toys in them. He is recognizing colors.

    So much fun for my 1 year old. He loves stacking things as well as all things that roll. So this was a great combination to keep him busy!

    Posted 11/17/2020 by
    Holly Bradford

    Good quality. Played with often due to it's ability to be stacked and rolled.

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 11/06/2020 by
    Kelly Keeney

    Great toy for older babies. She loves to pull it around and put things in.

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 11/02/2020 by
    julie hannahs

    1 yr old - loves stacking

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 10/28/2020 by
    Deborah Francis

    I bought this for my 18 month old granddaughter. She loves all the ways she can play with it. Hiding them and laughing making a train saying "choo choo". You can ask her the different colors. She puts things on top of the hedgehogs to pull. Endless activities and it keeps her attention.

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehog & Penguin Bathtub Slides

    Posted 10/25/2020 by
    A. R. Loiselle

    Well, another big hit from Fat Brain toys. He was excited even to see the packaging & could hardly wait to have it opened. Played with it (with minimal assistance) immediately. Also, the 2nd toy (bathtub sliding penguins), had him & his 3 year old sister straight into the tub to play as soon as birthday festivities concluded. All in all, 2 wonderful, fun products. Highly recommend.

    Terrific toy! My grandson loves it! Highly recommend.

    Posted 10/20/2020 by
    Aurelia Hartenberger

    Terrific toy! My grandson loves it! Highly recommend.

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 07/31/2020 by
    Frank Wilson

    Our grandson received this for his first birthday. He loves it and his older sister is also a fan. It is well made and a great toy.

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 07/29/2020 by
    Donna Faletto-Lorincz

    as soon as this was out of the box, my 1-year old nephew had pieces in his hand. He loved the "wheels" and i'm sure will continue to grow and love putting these together, stacking, rolling, filling, etc - from colors, to size, to dexterity of putting together and creating a train (with "bucket space" to carry things!), this toy has it all.

    Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 07/20/2020 by
    Holly Fedewa

    We got this for my nephew's first birthday. It was the first toy he was excited to actually play with. My 2 year old took it upon himself to show his cousin how it worked. The two of them had a blast pulling, stacking, and rearranging the hedgehogs. My SIL is a teacher and was excited about all the fun edutainment this toy can provide (color recognition, sorting by size, hand-eye coordination to get the hedgehogs hooked together).

    My Review of Hiding Hedgehogs

    Posted 07/19/2020 by
    Elaine DeVirgilio

    The bright colors were a hit. It was played with right away and older siblings joined to experience it, too. Perfect toy for a 2 year old.

    Age Appropriateness for Hiding Hedgehogs

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 2 years of age.