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Go Go Gears!

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Go Go Gears!

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Get their cogs spinning with this beautiful beginner gear puzzle!

Pick one of the five double-sided puzzle cards and slide it into the slot of the wooden frame. Each one features a vibrant picture with outlines of gears arranged throughout.

It's up to your little puzzler to fit the right-sized gears into the slots of the puzzle board so they connect just right over the picture.

Then, give one of the gears a spin, and - Whoosh! - Eyes widen with excitement as they all spin together!

Motor skills, matching skills, and cause-and-effect exploration combine in a way that really gets the mind spinning with wonder when kids start building with the Go Go Gears.

Go Go Gears!
  • Wooden puzzle board for aligning gears with pictures and then spinning them all together
  • Encourages fine motor skills, matching skills, creativity, cause-and-effect learning
  • A wonderfully colorful gear puzzle designed just right for little ones
  • Slide one of the 5 double-sided puzzle cards into the slot of the wooden frame
  • Match the gears over the gear outlines of the puzzle card
  • Turn one gear to spin them all together!
  • Includes puzzle board, 5 double-sided puzzle cards, large gear, 2 medium gears, 5 small gears
  • Largest gear measures 3.25 inches in diameter
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability and safety
  • Lifetime guarantee

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 8/21/2018
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 3 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #26
    Dimension 11.75 x 8.5 inches
    Pieces 14

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    Total Customer Reviews: 57

    Overall Rating: (4.21)

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 08/18/2021 by
    Ellen P

    Go Go Gears is well made. It is engaging and inviting. My three year old grandson watched as I put the card into the slot and after that, did it himself. Though he had figured out a lot the first time he played with it, he's still intrigued by the gears and how they move together. This brings him back to the toy again and again - to see what would happen if...... He yells, "Go Go Gears!" when he gets them all moving! So fun.

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 08/03/2021 by
    Marke Talley

    I should have realized from your photo that this towy is appropriate for children three to six years old. Oura grandsoon is seven. e played with it until he had it figured out and then went abackto leggos with wheels. I think it's a great toy. I just goofed.

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 07/31/2021 by
    Kathy Ismert-Martin

    This is the second time I have purchased Go Go Gears for another grandchild. My grandson likes to use every template first, then he makes his own combinations.

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 06/11/2021 by
    Nathan Martinez

    The only concern I had was the cards were difficult to change even for my older child as the gap didn't really offer a dedicated "track" for it to slide into. Other than that, both of my kids played with it until it got accidentally stepped on two days later.

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 06/08/2021 by
    monica astudillo

    I purchased this product for my grandson... He love it ! He plays with it often and have much fun. I often buy products via internet for your company.

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 02/25/2021 by
    Hilda Cash McCrillis

    I bought it for "next development stage", so believe I would have been even more happy with it, had my granddaughter been 3-6mos older.

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 01/27/2021 by
    Katelynn Hamilton

    My son loves this toy very much, he loves the different pictures and fitting the gears together is both fun and challenging!

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 01/15/2021 by
    Adriena Vanha

    Our grandson received the Go Go Gears for his fourth birthday. He and his parents live in another state, so I only have a second hand information. His parents let him open the gift before dinner, which decision caused difficulties to get the grandson leave the toy and sit at the table :-) I was told that in about a week and a half since he got the Go Go Wheels he played with it numerous times, as was his younger sister.

    My Granddaughter & daughter in law really enjoy this!

    Posted 01/14/2021 by
    Deborah Sturdevant

    Excellent product

    The plastic part broke in two days

    Posted 01/02/2021 by

    We bought this for our daughter and the plastic part broke within two days, that you put the gears into. It's not sturdy at all. It was also difficult to get the gears lined up so they would actually work....even for us adults. They either are too close and it won't go in the hole or they're too far and barely catch. A big disappointment really.

    Note from Fat Brain Toys:

    At Fat Brain Toys, we are dedicated to quality. And as such, if anything you order from us doesn't live up to the standard of quality you expect, we want to know about it. Please give us a call at 1-800-590-5987, or head over to our Returns and Exchanges page. We’ll be happy to exchange it for something new, give you store credit, or possibly even give you a full refund!

    My Review

    Posted 12/01/2020 by
    Joel K

    My 2-year-old struggles with getting the gears lined up with the pictures but she overall likes turning the gears and setting them up regardless of the pictures. I think it's a toy she'll appreciate more as she gets older. Would be nice if you could store all of the pictures within the toy. The gears aren't the highest quality and some off offset so they bind.

    Note from Fat Brain Toys:

    We are always aiming for 100% customer satisfaction. If anything you order from us doesn’t meet your expectations in any way at all, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-590-5987, or head over to our Returns and Exchanges page. We’ll be happy to exchange it for something new, give you store credit, or possibly even give you a full refund!)


    Posted 11/29/2020 by


    Note from Fat Brain Toys:

    We don't want you to have to wait for your child to grow into the toy you just bought. If you feel something you've ordered doesn't match your child's age, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-590-5987, or head over to our Returns and Exchanges page. We’ll be happy to exchange it for something new, give you store credit, or even give you a full refund!)

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 11/25/2020 by
    Janice Faust

    Our granddaughter was very excited to receive this toy. It looks very sturdy, so it will stand up to a lot of play time. I really love giving toys that help children use their brains while they play.

    My Review of Go Go Gears! The Grands loved it.

    Posted 11/16/2020 by
    Mark Long

    The GirlS loved it. It was for there 3rd Birthday. They have constantly been playing with it. I think it has got there brains to thinking and "TURNING". Quick delivery

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 11/05/2020 by
    Rebecca McClain

    Sturdy interactive toy that prevents boredom because of the many different configurations the child can make using multiple templates or even encourage creativity by having them make their own configurations

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 11/04/2020 by
    Debbie Schawe

    Product is Christmas gifts for grandkids. They have something a little similar now and love it so assuming they'll love this too.

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 11/03/2020 by
    Madeline Caron

    I love the problem solving!

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 10/24/2020 by
    Geri Young

    She only just started playing with it, but in the video I got, she is engaged and likes to put the wheels in the holes and turning the gears is a bonus! I chose it because she likes to put things together, at 2 1/2 years old and I want to encourage that. The colors are inviting and the spinning is exciting. She is also imaginative and I can see lots of variety for her to try rather than just following the patterns, but it is all great! I also got her the ladybug puzzle, which is really fun because she likes butterflies. The catch is what she likes. The goal is to bait her with that and teach her with the rest. Very colorful and interactive. The third toy I got her is the sorting and stacking rings by color and number. She will open that at Christmas. I can't wait for my catalog to come in the mail! Already ordered it.

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 10/13/2020 by
    Miriam Cook

    It looks really fun, unfortunately it arrived broken so we're waiting on a replacement. It was a super easy process. Can't wait to try it out

    My Review of Go Go Gears!

    Posted 08/19/2020 by
    Helen A. Pimpo

    It truly is good for the toddlers as they can use their imaginations along with actual hands-on operation. This is another realm of brain building which will enhance even their reading abilities later in their development.

    Age Appropriateness for Go Go Gears!

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 3 years of age.
    Warning WARNING:CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts.
  • Not for children under 3 yrs.