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Dimpl Digits

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Dimpl Digits

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Product Description

Parents' Choice Foundation Review: For a full review of Dimpl Digits from the Parents' Choice Awards Foundation, click HERE.

Touch, push, pop, and learn!

Squishy, silicone bubbles captivate the fingers in a way that's impossible to put down while simultaneously opening a unique new avenue for learning.

On one side, the bubbles are embossed with the numerals 1 through 10, each accompanied by its matching word in English.

Flip it over and you'll find the words written in Spanish, plus dots to feel and count!

Colorful, unique, and wonderfully tactile - Little fingers can't resist the number-learning delight of Dimpl Digits.

Dimpl Digits
  • Disc of silicone buttons embossed with number-learning fun
  • Encourages fine motor skills, number learning, counting
  • Silicone buttons are a delight to push and pop
  • On one side, embossed with numerals 1 through 10 with matching words in English
  • On other side, words are written in Spanish, features dots to feel and count
  • Includes one Dimpl Digits disc
  • Frame made with quality ABS plastic, buttons made of 100% food-grade silicone
  • High-quality construction - Lasting durability

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    Date Added to Fat Brain Toys 2/6/2020
    Manufactured In Country of Origin China
    Manufacturer Recommended Minimum Age 2 years
    Fat Brain Toys Monthly Sales Ranking #3
    Dimension 8 x 8 x 1.25 inches

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    Total Customer Reviews: 206

    Overall Rating: (4.84)

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 08/11/2021 by
    Amanda Hill

    Great product! My daughter loves it!

    Posted 08/09/2021 by
    Margaret Iler

    My daughter loves playing with this. One of her favorites from all the fidget toys she has.

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 08/02/2021 by
    Katie Sirek

    He loves this toy! He plays with it while sitting on the floor for about 10 minutes at a time. He at first needed help flipping it over to start the other side when he pushed them all in but quickly caught on and does it himself now!

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 07/31/2021 by
    Donna Coovert

    Birthday gift for my granddaughter, 2. She loved it, just like her original Dimpl. Her mom will use it with her to teach numbers in both English and Spanish! I love giving Fat Brain toys and watching them learn as they play.

    My review of dimpl digits

    Posted 07/30/2021 by
    Chrissy McIntyre

    My 2 yr old twins love this item, as well as the dimpl. They are starting to repeat numbers and colors so it is a very useful tool. They fight over it often.

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 07/23/2021 by
    eleuteria cruz mendoza

    my kids pays with it all the time and loves it very much

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 07/22/2021 by

    Opened at birthday party and all the kids knew what it was. Have since been told one of his favorite past times.

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 07/07/2021 by
    Katherine Hickey

    This is such a fun toy! It's for my 1 year old, but it even keeps my older kids entertained. Perfect for longer car rides or to keep my kiddos' attention when we're waiting in a long line.

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 06/28/2021 by
    Julia Greenwood

    This came up as a recommendation for a 1 year old. My grandson is 1 and he has a difficult time pushing in the digits. He likes it as something to hold and look at. The digit one with the shapes recommended for a younger child might have been easier for him to interact with. Great quality product. Safe and entertaining for him.

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 06/24/2021 by
    Stephanie Richardson

    We have 5 children ages 1-16, every single one of them love the dimpl digits. It has a nice pop to the touch and the kids can't get enough of it. I am already planning on buying more. Such a fun toy for home and in the car.

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 06/24/2021 by
    Mary Counts

    I bought this toy to keep at my house for grt grandson. Another grt grandson came from out of state for a visit and enjoyed playing with it also. l ordered another one for him to take home with him. No one does better than Fat Brain on quick shipping. It's Amazing!

    The colors and simple popping of the dimple are the reason for the interest in the toy. Kids love it, and when I hand it to adults, they also must pop the dimples, turn it over, and do it again. Nice toy!

    Posted 06/22/2021 by

    The toy is brightly colored, which makes you want to pick it and play with it. Then, you just have to pop the dimples, turn it over, and do it again. Love the toy, simple, yet fun!

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 06/22/2021 by
    Kristine Dawn

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 06/10/2021 by
    Sarah Archer

    My son loves his Dimpl!

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 06/10/2021 by
    nikita Fitzgerald

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 06/08/2021 by
    Mary Wang

    I bought this as a gift after receiving a similar Dimpl toy for my kid. It's such a simple toy but is so easy for toddlers to play with on their own. Even if they get it wet or dirty, it's so easy to clean up. I find myself playing with it sometimes because it is so calming and satisfying.

    Double Printed

    Posted 05/23/2021 by

    4.9 out of 5. Would be a perfect 5 but on the Spanish side there are two 2s. It says Dos for 2 and Dos for 9.

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 05/18/2021 by
    Fellanxa Paumi

    My son and nephew absolutely love their dimpl digit from its colorful appearance to non stop fun popping the numbers. My son loves to point out each color and number while playing with the dimpl definitely a must have toy! and it's also good for on the go fun!

    Love dimpl digits

    Posted 05/17/2021 by
    Natalie Merwin

    My kiddos received the dimpl digits as a gift and they love them. My children are three and one and both enjoy using the dimpl digits in different ways. My three yearOld loves practicing his letters. My one year old enjoys the simplicity of Popping the different sections.

    My Review of Dimpl Digits

    Posted 05/17/2021 by
    Paul Roberts

    I sent this toy to my two year old Great granddaughter in a different city for her birthday. My Granddaughter called to thank me for the gift and told us that she was playing with it while we were on the phone. She said the little girl was excited when she got it and was still playing with it while we were on the phone. The main reason I use "Fat Brain" is that we are elderly and have no idea what is age appropriate and find that your guides seem to hold true. Just an additional note: We have Fourteen Grandchildren and most of them are out of town and have siblings. When ever we send a gift we always include a smaller something for the other. You make this very easy, Thank you.

    Age Appropriateness for Dimpl Digits

    NOTE: The orange color in the chart above indicate ages that are LESS than the manufacturer suggested age. Please purchase at your discretion if your child is younger than 2 years of age.